Inside pipe Cutter

Inside pipe Cutter


Hand drill accessory for cutting 1-4/1” I.D. and larger PVC and ABS Pipe.

Product Description

OneCutter Internal Diameter PVC cutter can be used along with 3/8 standard (sleeve size) drill. The shaft is made of chrome plated steel and used black oxid coated hardened steel for the cutter wheel to improve the durability.

  • Hand drill accessory.
  • Quick disconnected feature.
  • Harden steel blade.
  • Use for cutting 1-1/4” up to 10” PVC or ABS pipes.


Compatible Pipe O.D. (inch) Compatible Pipe Material Type Frame Material Blade Blade Material
1-1/4” ~ 10” PVC / ABS Use with a 3/8 in.standard drill Iron Steel