Your Success is our Business

We at the NewPetersen Company take this heritage seriously. This is why every tool that bears the One Cutter brand is engineered to the same high standards of quality, strength, and endurance as was that first pipe cutter more than 40 years ago.

The brand that professional workers all over the world rely on

OneCutter was founded in 2000. Part of NewPetersen. Inc's brand.

It is located in Changhua, Taiwan. Near China. With more than 20 years experience in producing and exporting measuring and hand tools, our reputation is built on the quality and economical cost of the products we manufacture and supply to customers across the world.

Our main products are: PIPE CUTTER, PRUNER, WIRE STRIPPER, crimper/stripper plier, PVC pipe cutter, modular crimping and measuring tape etc. Meeting customers requirements and ensuring customers satisfaction are always our ongoing process. With our extensive applications knowledge we can engineer the tools to your most exacting need. OEMs are welcome.

Our Feature Products

Ratcheting  PVC Cutter

Cuts plastic , vinyl and rubber tubing up to 1-5/8 IN.O.D.   Up to 41 mm

Screw Feed tube cutter

For cutting copper and PVC tubing1/8"-1 1/8"IN.O.D.    3mm-30mm tubing

Mini Tube Cutter

For cutting copper and PVC tubing1/8 - 7/8 IN.O.D.  3mm-22mm

Lever Style Tube Bender

For bending 1/4"   5/16" and   3/8" O.D tubing  6mm,8mm .11mm D.E.